Harrington is US Attorney for Eastern Washington despite no confirmation

SPOKANE, Wash. (AP) — Joseph Harrington has been the U.S. attorney for Eastern Washington for more than a year, even though no president appointed him and no Senate committee confirmed him.

President Trump has left the job of picking the region’s top federal prosecutor to Attorney General Jeff Sessions and now to the 10 judges who make up the federal court for Eastern Washington.

The Spokesman-Review says Harrington was named acting U.S. attorney after Mike Ormsby resigned in March 2017.

That designation timed out in January, and Sessions appointed him the “interim” U.S. attorney.

That lasted 120 days, and Trump still did not name a permanent replacement. So the decision was punted to the federal judges, who reappointed Harrington on Friday.

His reappointment by the District Court has no fixed time limit.