Corrosive liquid spill contained at Washington state mill

VANCOUVER, Wash. (AP) — Up to 150,000 gallons (567,800 liters) of corrosive liquid spilled from a Washington state mill, but has since been contained.

The Columbian reports that the spill happened Tuesday night at Georgia-Pacific Camas mill. Spokeswoman Kristi Ward said no one was injured and the spill was contained to the mill’s property.

Washington Department of Ecology spokesman Dave Bennett said there is no public health threat.

Ward said the material spill was black liquor, a waste product from the digestion process of converting wood into wood pulp. The mill burns the material in recovery boilers to generate steam.

Ward said a small amount entered the mill’s wastewater treatment system and was treated.

Bennett said “an undetermined quantity” of the material also reached some soil.