Wasco County voters shift registrations at deadline

A small number of Wasco County voters made shifts in party registration by Tuesday’s deadline to vote in the May 15  primary. The table below was provided by Wasco County Clerk Lisa Gambee


4/18/18 (one week ago) 5165 4600 5865 747
4/23/18 (day before last day to register) 5182 4612 5881 742
4/25/18 (after all updates were completed) 5188 4623 5882 740

Gambee added : “What doesn’t show up in this table is the number of NAV (non-affiliated voters) who have chosen to vote the Independent ballot this time. It looks like that number is about 5 people. Interestingly, the Independent Party is the only one whose overall registration numbers have gone down. Probably because people thought they were non-affiliated and had been registered ‘Independent’.”