Democratic House candidate in 5th District releases taxes

SPOKANE, Wash. (AP) — Democratic U.S. House candidate Lisa Brown and her husband owed $69,487 in federal taxes last year.

That’s according to the 2017 tax return that Brown released on Wednesday. Her opponent for the eastern Washington seat, Republican Rep. Cathy McMorris Rodgers, released her taxes earlier this week.

The Spokesman-Review says Brown and her husband had wages totaling $319,401, which includes Brown’s salary for the first eight months of the year as chancellor of Washington State University-Spokane. Their adjusted gross income reported at the bottom of the front of the 1040 return was $320,030.

The couple had already paid $77,226 in taxes during 2017, so they’ll get a refund of $7,739.

Brown is a former state legislator. McMorris Rodgers is seeking an eighth House term.