VIDEO: Senator Murray opposes “Ill-suited, dangerous” NASA Administrator nominee Bridenstine in Senate floor speech

Senator Murray: Bridenstine’s “failure to accept fundamental scientific truths about Earth’s climate” & “history of hateful, demeaning, and divisive comments” make him unfit to lead U.S. civil space program

Floor speech follows Senator Murray’s previous efforts to highlight Representative Bridenstine’s lack of commitment to science, consistent opposition to equal rights for LGBTQ individuals, immigrants, & women

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(Washington, D.C.) – Today on the Senate floor, U.S. Senator Patty Murray (D-WA) voiced her strong opposition to Representative Jim Bridenstine (R-OK), President Trump’s pick to lead the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA), and urged her colleagues to join her in voting against his nomination. Citing Representative Bridenstine’s lack of scientific background or expertise, in addition to his denial of climate science and his long record of divisive comments and positions regarding Muslims, LGBTQ equality, and violence against women, Senator Murray underlined NASA’s core focus as an agency committed to science and highlighted the importance of instilling leadership at NASA that can realize the full potential of the nation’s civil space program.

Senator Murray previously called attention to Representative Bridenstine’s background last October, and urged her colleagues then to vote against his nomination.

Key Excerpts from Senator Murray’s floor speech:

“NASA is an agency committed to science, exploration, technology, and innovation. Over the years, it has employed some of the most brilliant scientists in the world—focused on the most cutting edge research, with an eye toward exploring new frontiers, expanding human knowledge, and increasing our understanding of this world and beyond. […] Without a commitment to science, NASA would not have succeeded. And if that commitment doesn’t continue, it will fail.”

“That is why I am very concerned that Rep. Bridenstine not only is not committed to science—he flat out rejects clear scientific consensus […] I believe that Rep. Bridenstine’s failure to accept fundamental scientific truths about Earth’s climate make him an ill-suited and dangerous choice to lead an agency with science at its core.”

“Second, M. President, is my concern about his ability to lead an inclusive and forward-looking agency, given his history of hateful, demeaning, and divisive comments and positions. I have noted this before, but it bears repeating. Rep. Bridenstine has openly expressed his opposition to the rights of LGBTQ individuals, immigrants, and women […] Rep. Bridenstine is not someone who should be put in charge of NASA’s diverse workforce.”

“[A]t a moment in our history when we want every student in this country to dream big dreams, strive for the highest goals, and explore careers in science, technology, engineering, and math—regardless of where they are from, who they love, or what color their skin is sending someone like Rep. Bridenstine to lead our nation’s space agency would send the absolute wrong signal, and move our country in the absolute wrong direction.”