Renewable biofuels plant to be built in Lakeview, Oregon

LAKEVIEW, Ore. (AP) — Red Rock Biofuels says it’s ready to start construction on a new plant in south-central Oregon.

The Herald and News reports the facility in Lakeview is expected to annually convert 136,000 tons of woody biomass and forest bi-products into 15 million gallons of renewable fuels.

The Colorado-based company identified Lakeview as a target location because of its proximity to rail, highways, the Ruby natural gas pipeline and an abundance of forest bi-products to be collected and converted to jet fuel.

Construction is estimated to take 18 months, with operations planned to start in 2020.

The Red Rock facility is expected to create 30 jobs within the plant and up to another 100 positions for materials gathering and transport. Lakeview has a population of about 2,000 people, so the city may see in an influx of new residents, particularly during construction.