Washington’s largest solar farm coming to Lind

SPOKANE, Wash. (AP) — A North Carolina company soon will begin installing the largest solar farm in the state of Washington.

The Spokesman-Review reports Strata Solar plans to start installing 81,000 solar panels next month near Lind, about 75 miles west of Spokane.

Strata Solar will build and own the 0.27-square-mile (0.7-square-kilometer) project. Avista Corp. will buy the electricity and sell it to 40 to 80 large commercial and industrial customers.

If the electricity were headed to the residential market, it would provide enough power to meet the needs of about 4,000 households each year.

The solar farm, which will produce 28 megawatts of renewable energy, could be generating power for companies interested in low-carbon electricity by mid-December.