Burglary at Goldendale skate shop update:

Goldendale, Washington March 19, 2018

The Goldendale Police Department is submitting charges to the Klickitat County Prosecutor on two male juveniles that burglarized the Easy Outlaw Skate Shop last week. The two juveniles are from the Wapato/White Swan area. The police department will be asking that arrest warrants be issued for both juveniles.

This is the result of an investigation the Goldendale Police has been actively working on. It was found that the skate shop had been broken into causing severe damage to the business door. Several items were found to be damaged inside the business. Also, several items were discovered to be stolen including; skateboards, skateboard decks, and wheels. Also, mentioned was an X box with games and cash. Goldendale Police Department is still awaiting a full complete list of stolen items from the store owner. It is estimated the amount of stolen property from the skate shop could be in excess of $10,000 dollars.

The police department is also working on another burglary that is believed to have been committed by the same two juveniles.

Quote: This investigation took several days and many man hours to solve.

Chief Bartkowski

At this time, this is still an active investigation and no further information can be shared.