Reggie and Anita Hill – Sunshine’s Excellent Adventure

This little book is about a wonderful cat, who shared his life with his devoted adopted parents, Reggie and Anita.
Sunshine began his life as a kitten, under a pier on Topsail Island, North Carolina. His wonderful mommy was called, Mama Motley and she adored her baby Sunshine.
Sunshine spend many happy and loving years with Reggie and Anita. He was the smartest and sweetest cat imaginable. He made many friends both humans and animals during his precious life.
This little book is dedicated to Sunshine’s memory and life. It is the authors’ sincerest wish that this little book brings you happiness. They also hope that it will teach children some very important lessons about love, life, service to others, and the acceptance of all living creatures and their role in this wonderful word.

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