Klickitat County will test new emergency notification system on March 9th


Klickitat County’s New Emergency Notification System will be tested on March 9th, 2018 to validate existing telephone numbers in the county’s database. There is no need for action if you receive the call, email, or text, emergency personnel are merely testing the system to ensure it is operational as needed. You will, however, need to Create a New Managed Account in the Code Red system to be able to update phone numbers and addresses.

Residents and businesses will need to visit our website and create a New Account by using Google, Facebook, Twitter, or by creating their own managed account with a User ID and Password. If you have not previously registered you will Not receive a test call, text, or email, however, you are encouraged to register now to receive future notifications.

For Test calls and texts the “Caller ID will read 800-791-3749” and for Test emails the email address will be “noreply@klickitatcounty.org”. The Test message will say “This is a test of your community’s CodeRED Emergency Notification System. No action is required, this is only a test. Had this been an actual emergency you would have received important information from local officials. Again, this is only a test.”

The testing process will increase the efficiency of the system and the speed in which notifications will be delivered when the system is used during an actual emergency. It will also allow us to test residents’ registration information that is currently in the system.

The Emergency Notification System allows Klickitat County officials to effectively reach residents and personnel by using the system’s capabilities to send telephone calls, text messages, and emails to inform residents to better protect life and property.

Klickitat County Department of Emergency Management urges citizens to visit http://www.klickitatcounty.org/249/Emergency-Management and click on the Emergency Notification registration link. Questions regarding this system test should be directed to Klickitat County Department of Emergency Management by email at emergencymanagement@klickitatcounty.org.