Legislature approves charter students in extracurriculars

SALEM, Ore. (AP) — Charter and home school students will be able to attend music programs and other extra-curricular activities at regular schools in Oregon, following a move by the Legislature.

Both the House and Senate have approved a proposal to allow students in all grades to attend extra-curricular activities, including speech and music programs, at state schools.

The measure, HB4036, expands on a 2017 act allowing home and charter school students to participate in sports and other activities, clarifying which programs are included, and requiring districts to allow nontraditional students to participate. It also caps fees the students can be charged, and prohibits districts from prioritizing regular students. Previously some schools had blocked some students from certain activities, said the bill’s sponsor, House Minority Leader Mike McLane.

The bill clarifies that along with sports, charter and home school students can join programs like choir, and also that high school students can attend extracurricular activities that take place during the school day, McLane said.

The Senate voted 21-8 to approve the proposal Thursday afternoon, sending it to Gov. Kate Brown for her signature.