Bi-Mart announces gun sales policy

As part of the national debate on gun sales, Bi-Mart and Cascade Farm and Outdoor stores, a division of Bi-Mart, issued a statement clarifying the company’s policy with three key elements.

  1. Bi-Mart has always carried a mix of merchandise that supported the shooting sports and hunting community and will continue to do so.
  2. Bi-Mart has never stocked or sold AK or AR platform rifles or bump-stocks and nor high-capacity magazines for these firearms and will not stock them in the future.
  3. While emphasizing  that Bi-Mart’s policies for firearm sales meet or exceed all Federal and State laws where they operate and currently follow all government age restrictions., the release says Bi-Mart believes increasing the minimum age for purchase of firearms to age 21 “is a step in the right direction,” and announces that they will now only sell guns and ammunition to those 21 or older that meet state and federal requirements for purchasing firearms.

Click on headline to see complete statement document on company letterhead.