The Dalles Public Works warns about insurance letters


Department of Public Works

1215 West First Street

The Dalles, Oregon 97058

DATE: February 26, 2018

TOPIC: Water & Sewer Customer Alert

CONTACT: City of The Dalles – Public Works Department (541) 296-5401


The City of The Dalles would like to advise the community that letters promoting a water and sewer line warranty or insurance for a monthly fee will be mailed to our citizens. The City does not endorse or promote the purchase of this type of insurance.

The letter warns that repairing a broken water and sewer lines could cost the homeowner thousands of dollars without coverage. While it is true that the homeowner is responsible for plumbing, water and sewer line repairs on the customer-side of the meter, such insurance typically does not cover the most common repairs.

Sometimes a form is included which allows convenient purchase. The full text of the agreement with exclusion statement may not be provided with the form.

Contact with the Oregon Insurance Division has found that the company is not registered to do business in Oregon under their promotional name.

Residents who have received these letters are encouraged to:

  • Contact your insurance agent to learn if your home insurance covers water and sewer line repairs.
  • If you are considering signing an agreement, ask if the company is using an insurance underwriter licensed to do business in Oregon.
  • If you are considering signing an agreement, get a full copy of the agreement and read through it, as well as the exclusion statement. Ask questions if you don’t understand the terms.