Joint Koreas hockey team ends historic Olympic run

GANGNEUNG, South Korea (AP) — The Korean women’s hockey team has ended its historic Olympic run with a fifth straight loss, with thousands of fans shouting “We are one” and waving a “unification flag.”

Team Korea, which included players from both North and South Korea, was defeated by Sweden 6-1 to cap a 0-5 run in the Pyeongchang Games on Tuesday.

South Korean player Kim Heewon wiped away tears as she and teammates waved to cheering fans. Canadian coach Sarah Murray also shed tears when she hugged players. Some spectators also wept.

The team was formed about two weeks before the Pyeongchang Games began during an eleventh-hour push by the Koreas to improve ties. It was the Koreas’ first joing Olympic squad.

The team’s formation raised hopes that Olympics-related warming gestures might help nuclear tensions.