Man with ‘DIRTBAG’ vanity license plate arrested at car wash

BELLEVUE, Wash. (AP) — Authorities say a Washington man with a custom “DIRTBAG” license plate on his car was arrested after purposely rear-ending a driver at a car wash and punching an officer.

Court documents say the man — upset the driver ahead of him wasn’t moving faster — bumped the car in front of him Sunday with his Chevy Camaro.

Police say the driver of the car that was stuck began taking photos of the damage to his car with his cellphone. That’s when, police say, the driver of the Camaro got out of his car and pointed a gun at the other man.

Police say the driver of the Camaro refused to get out of the car when police arrived, then punched an officer in the face while being taken into custody.

The man was booked for investigation of malicious harassment and assault.