Wyden statement on Nunes’ memo: “A laughable hack job”

Washington, D.C. –Sen. Ron Wyden, D-Ore., released the following statement in response to the Nunes Memo targeting the FBI and Mueller investigation.

 “It’s clear to me that this laughable hack job of a memo was a whole lot of nothing, hyped up to undermine the Mueller investigation.  For weeks we have been talking about this ultimately meaningless memo, rather than the fact that an ever growing number of Trump associates are under indictment. Every member of this administration’s national security team should explain whether or not they agreed with the administration’s decision to greenlight the use of classified information for nakedly partisan ends, which lays bare the hypocrisy around the argument that pervasive secrecy is necessary for national security,” Wyden said.

“However, if my colleagues are serious about their newfound concerns to protect Americans against unnecessary government surveillance, I urge them to rethink their votes last month to expand government spying powers under FISA Section 702. They should bring the USA RIGHTS Act back up for a vote to ensure our government is protecting Americans’ rights as well as their security.”