Man shot at VA clinic by police in Oregon

WHITE CITY, Ore. (AP) — A man said to be a military veteran who was seeking mental health care was shot by a security officer at a VA clinic in southern Oregon after he allegedly displayed a knife.

Local news reports say the man was taken to a hospital. The shooting happened Thursday in White City, and rattled residents who are receiving treatment for PTSD and other issues.

Shawn Quall, an Army veteran of the first Gulf War, said he heard the man shouting, which Quall said was not uncommon as veterans seek treatment and are sometimes turned away. Quall said he heard someone yell “he’s got a knife,” followed by a loud gunshot. Quall said the man, clutching his stomach, stepped out of an office into the hallway where Quall was, and fell.

A spokeswoman for the VA clinic didn’t return calls.