Judge dismisses sex abuse lawsuit against Everett teacher

SEATTLE (AP) — A judge has dismissed one of two federal sex-abuse lawsuits filed against an Everett teacher and school district.

U.S. District Judge James Robart ruled Tuesday that a woman identified as A.T. waited too long to bring her accusations that the teacher abused her beginning in 2003, and that the district should have prevented it.

The lawsuits said teacher Craig Verver groomed teenage girls at Cascade High School. The Daily Herald has reported that Verver acknowledged having sex with A.T. in his classroom, but he said it was after she graduated.

A.T.’s lawsuit said she was continuing to discover new ways the abuse affected her, but the judge said that did not override the three-year statute of limitations because she has long known she was suffering from it.

The second lawsuit was brought by a woman who was his student beginning in 2008. Verver has denied allegations in that case.