Officials keeping wary eye on potential landslide

YAKIMA, Wash. (AP) — Officials in Yakima County are keeping a wary eye on a slow-moving landslide on Rattlesnake Ridge.

The Yakima Herald-Republic says geologists have been monitoring the slow-motion movement of soil, about 1.4 feet per week, in the area since October.

The Yakima County Office of Emergency Management issued a statement on Tuesday saying that since the slide is slow moving and on a gentle slope it will be small in nature and hopefully stabilize itself.

About 35 residents living at the base of the ridge have not heeded warnings to evacuate.

State officials this week began placing large shipping containers filled with concrete barriers between the ridge and Interstate 82. That’s intended to prevent rocks from falling onto the highway.

Rattlesnake Ridge forms the eastern side of a gap in ridges separating the Upper and Lower Yakima Valleys. Running through the gap are Interstate 82 and Highway 97.