Oregon’s 10-cent bottle deposit applies to more beverages

The Statesman Journal reports that 10-cent deposits are now required for coffee, tea, fruit juice, coconut water and hard cider containers between 4 oz. and 1.5 liters. The change, which went into effect Monday, is part of an expansion that state lawmakers approved in 2011.

The 2018 expansion , however, won’t apply to dairy, plant-based milks, meal-replacement drinks, wine, distilled liquor and infant formula containers.

Beer, water and carbonated soft drinks containers that are 3 liters or smaller were previously covered under the state’s bottle bill.

The deposits are aimed at encouraging customers to bring their bottles and cans to redemption centers across the state to get their money back.

Oregon was the first state in the nation to give 5-cent refunds for recycling used soda cans and glass bottles more than 45 years ago. In April, the rate increased to 10 cents.