Hermiston toddler shot in head by brother recovering at home

HERMISTON, Ore. (AP) — A toddler who was accidentally shot in the head by his 7-year-old brother has been recovering at home.

The East Oregonian reports the 2-year-old Hermiston boy has been walking and interacting with others. The family has called his recovery from the Nov. 10 shooting a miracle.

Hermiston police say the 7-year-old used a handgun that their mother kept in a vehicle and accidentally shot his younger brother.

No criminal charges have been filed in connection with the case.

The mother told the newspaper last week that she was outside her car trying to figure out how to get it started on the day of the shooting. She says her older son came out and she told him to get back inside the car. She says she then heard a bang and her son shouting that the baby was bleeding.

The mother says she hopes others will learn from her horrifying experience and never to leave a loaded gun where young children can access it.