Facebook to add 2 new data centers at Prineville campus

RINEVILLE, Ore. (AP) — Facebook says it will build two data centers on its campus in Prineville.

The Oregonian/OregonLive reported Facebook said Tuesday it recently bought 240 acres from Crook County for the new data centers. The campus already has several buildings.

Facebook says the data centers will take up over 900,000 square feet and will cost “hundreds of millions of dollars,” most of which will go to the computers that run the social network and store social medial updates, photos and videos.

Construction on the fourth data center begins this month, and Facebook said it will be operational in 2020. Work begins on the fifth facility next year.

It’s been nearly eight years since Facebook began construction of its first corporate data center above Prineville, drawn by property tax exemptions worth $71.6 million since 2012.