Porsche stolen 26 years ago recovered in Oregon

TRAIL, Ore. (AP) — A Porsche stolen nearly 27 years ago in Oregon has been discovered at the bottom of a steep, forested cliff by a man walking his dog.

Jackson County authorities said Wednesday the 1979 Porsche 924 coupe was stolen in 1991 from a movie theater in Medford.

Detectives did not find any human remains in or around the car. Some bones at the scene were deer bones.

The man’s dog wandered off a road in the rural area of southwest Oregon and he followed and spotted the wreck.

The Porsche was flipped upside down and would not have been visible from the road itself.

The car’s tags had expired in 1991.

Sgt. Julie Denney says detectives haven’t yet been able to reach the owner listed on the 1991 police report.