African music star in exile awaits real change for Zimbabwe

EUGENE, Ore. (AP) — One of Zimbabwe’s most famous music stars sees little hope for change in his country despite the ouster of longtime dictator Robert Mugabe.

Thomas Mapfumo has been in exile from his country in Eugene, Oregon, since 2004 and has watched the euphoria over Mugabe’s downfall with skepticism.

He told The Associated Press this week that he doesn’t think Zimbabweans have so much to celebrate.

That’s because the same political party that Mugabe ruled over is still in power.

Mapfumo says he sees nothing to suggest his country will overcome its long history of repression and political corruption.

Mapfumo is known as the Lion of Zimbabwe and invented a musical style called chimurenga.

He wrote politically charged songs that were banned from public airwaves and played in secret.