Man accused of having sex while driving drunk enters plea

SEATTLE (AP) — A Washington state man accused of crashing a vehicle because he was having sex while driving drunk pleaded not guilty to multiple charges.

KOMO-TV reports that 22-year-old Michael Tonkin entered his plea on Monday. State police say a 3-month-old baby was in the backseat of the vehicle that crashed while Tonkin and a woman were having sex in the driver’s seat.

Witnesses reported seeing both adults emerge from the car naked after crashing. Tonkin suffered an injured wrist, the 22-year-old female broke her pelvis and her baby was unharmed in a car seat.

If convicted, this would be Tonkin’s fourth DUI, which is a felony. He was offered $500,000 bail.

It is not yet known if the woman will be facing any charges with her daughter in the back seat.