Mugabe said to ask for ‘a few more days’

HARARE, Zimbabwe (AP) — The chairman of the influential war veterans’ association in Zimbabwe says President Robert Mugabe has asked for “a few more days, a few more months” amid negotiations on his departure from power.

Chris Mutsvangwa, an ally of the recently fired Vice President Emmerson Mnangagwa who is expected to lead any new government, told reporters in Zimbabwe’s capital that “between now and tomorrow” they will warn Mugabe that the game is over.

“He has to make a decision today to leave. … If he doesn’t leave, we will settle the scores tomorrow.”

Mutsvangwa calls the president “a senile old man who had lost control of his wife.” Fears that first lady Grace Mugabe would replace Mnangagwa led to the military stepping in.

Mutsvangwa said Mugabe’s first public appearance since his house arrest, at a graduation ceremony Friday morning, was a “pretense.”

The war veterans association chair says they are “on the same page” with their friends in South Africa’s government, which has sent Cabinet ministers to negotiate with Mugabe.