Wyden issues statement on Republican tax reform plan

Senate Finance Committee Ranking Member Ron Wyden, D-Ore., today issued the following statement regarding the Senate Republicans’ tax plan:

“Senate Republicans are doubling down on their gamble with middle class family budgets to pay for massive handouts to big corporations and tax cheats,” said Wyden. “The best example is their elimination of the state and local deduction. In Oregon, Wisconsin, Georgia, the Carolinas and communities where the American dream has sparked economic growth and lifted families into the middle class, the Senate Republican plan will cause a lot of harm. How many million Americans will have to face a tax hike before Republicans give up their crusade to shower multinational corporations with multi-trillion dollar tax cuts?

“Democrats and Republicans alike believe our tax code is broken and needs to be fixed. On the same day my Democratic colleagues and I told the administration that tax reform could be bipartisan if you focus on the middle class, the voters went the polls and demanded it. It’s clear Republicans ignored that call for unity by continuing to act on a reckless partisan process fueled by irresponsible policies that will leave middle-class families in the lurch.”