Bellevue company sued over foreclosures on military homes

SEATTLE (AP) — The U.S. Justice Department has filed a lawsuit alleging that a Bellevue company since 2010 has foreclosed on at least 28 homes owned by military servicemembers without obtaining required court orders.

The Justice Department said the lawsuit was filed Thursday in the U.S. District Court for the Western District of Washington against Northwest Trustee Services, Inc.

The lawsuit claims the company violated the Servicemembers Civil Relief Act, which protects the rights of servicemembers who are on active duty by suspending or modifying certain civil obligations.

The Justice Department says an investigation was launched into Northwest’s practices after Marine veteran Jacob McGreevey of Vancouver submitted a complaint after his home was foreclosed on less than two months following his release from active duty in Operation Iraqi Freedom.

Northwest didn’t respond immediately to a request for comment.