Police seek identities of motorcyclists who attacked man

(Information from: KOMO-TV, http://www.komotv.com/)

SEATTLE (AP) — Police are looking to identify a group of motorcyclists who attacked and pulled a gun on a man as more than 100 motorcycles paraded down Seattle streets in late August.

KOMO-TV reports that Seattle police say the 39-year-old man stopped at a red light when motorcycles surrounded his pickup truck.

Police say the motorcyclists began beating the sides of the pickup, and the man called authorities. He then got out of the truck to confront the crowd.

Police recently released video of the attack that shows the man being surrounded by several people who hurl kicks and punches. The attackers disperse seconds later, but one motorcyclist approaches the man with his arm outstretched. Police say he was pointing a handgun at the pickup driver.

The suspects fled as officers responded.