Trump says Podesta resignation biggest story

WASHINGTON (AP) — President Donald Trump is tweeting that the “biggest story” out of the charges announced Monday in the Russia investigation is the resignation of Democratic lobbyist Tony Podesta from his eponymous firm.

Podesta, the elder brother of former Hillary Clinton aide John Podesta, announced that he would step aside from powerhouse Democratic firm ‘The Podesta Group’ after coming under investigation by Robert Mueller.

“The biggest story yesterday, the one that has the Dems in a dither, is Podesta running from his firm,” Trump wrote in a two-part tweet that contained grammatical errors. “What he know about Crooked Dems is….earth shattering,” he tweeted.

The president added, “He and his brother could Drain The Swamp, which would be yet another campaign promise fulfilled. Fake News weak!”

Court papers unsealed Monday revealed an indictment against Trump’s former campaign chairman, Paul Manafort, and a guilty plea by another adviser, who admitted to lying to the FBI about meetings with Russian intermediaries.