Nationalist group backs Puigdemont in Brussels

BRUSSELS (AP) — The main grass-roots group pushing for Catalonia’s secession from the rest of Spain has given its support to the appearance of the ousted Catalan president and other members of his deposed government in Brussels.

Agusti Alcoberro, the vice president of Catalan National Assembly, said “we think that their presence in Brussels could be very positive as far as it increases international attention to the Catalan cause.”

Alcoberro added: “We continue our work in favor of the government of the Republic, which we consider our legitimate government.”

Former Catalan president Carles Puigdemont and ousted regional ministers gave a news conference in Brussels on Tuesday. They and the other members of Catalonia’s regional government were fired by Spain’s central government on Saturday, a day after the regional parliament declared independence in violation of Spain’s Constitution.