Klamath Falls cemetery to inter 150 unclaimed remains

KLAMATH FALLS, Ore. (AP) — The unclaimed ashes of about 150 people will be laid to rest in a ceremony next month in Klamath Falls.

The Herald and News reports that Mt. Calvary Catholic Cemetery is providing a final resting place for unclaimed cremated remains.

Cemetery officials set out last year to collect unclaimed ashes from local funeral homes. They expected to find about 30 but now have about 150 remains they plan to inter at the cemetery.

Ashes can go unclaimed for a number of reasons, including if a family can’t pay for cremation costs or relatives can’t be located.

Ben Quen, president of the Mt. Calvary Cemetery Association, says the board unanimously agreed to set aside about 3,000 acres of land behind the cemetery chapel to bury the unclaimed remains.

Ministers of different faiths will be invited to the Nov. 18 ceremony. Military honors will be included for veterans.