Catalan parliament formally dissolved

BARCELONA, Spain (AP) — An official says that the Catalan parliament has been formally dissolved and that its speaker will be leading a transitional committee of lawmakers until a regional election is held on Dec. 21.

A parliamentary spokeswoman says that Speaker Carme Forcadell has cancelled a Tuesday meeting of the regional parliament’s speakers’ body that had been previously scheduled. The spokeswoman spoke on customary condition of anonymity.

Spanish Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy on Friday ordered the regional parliament’s dissolution to try to find a way out of Spain’s political crisis.

Separatist lawmakers passed a declaration of independence in the regional parliament on Friday. Most opposition legislators boycotted the vote.

Spain’s top prosecutor is seeking rebellion, sedition and embezzlement charges for members of the governing body, including Forcadell, who is already being investigated for disobedience for allowing debates and votes related to the secession bid.