Affidavit: Man accused in rape offered money to drop case

EUGENE, Ore. (AP) — Authorities are investigating whether a man accused of raping a University of Oregon student allegedly offered her $10,000 to drop the case.

A search warrant affidavit filed in Lane County Circuit Court last week sought to collect the man’s social media messages.

The Register-Guard reports that the affidavit states the 18-year-old woman accepted the offer through social media messages exchanged with the 25-year-old man’s girlfriend and with him.

University of Oregon police are investigating the rape, which was reported in April. The man has not been charged.

In early September, a university staff attorney forwarded to police a copy of a Facebook message that the victim had received from the man’s current girlfriend.

The girlfriend reportedly told detectives the following week that her boyfriend pushed her to forward his offer to the victim in order to have her drop the case.