Wasco County tax statements in the mail

Wasco County property tax statements are in the mail. Wasco County Assessor and Tax Collector Jill Amery said in an October 25 press release that total Wasco County property taxes are up more than $1.4 million over last year’s. That’s because assessments are up $51.1 million this year. That sounds like a lot, but it could be considerably more expensive. Previous tax limitation ballot measures limits the amount assessments can grow each year, which puts the county’s total assessment farther behind the actual real market value of the properties each year. The release shows that gap is now more than $137 million.

The following is that press release from Wasco County Assessor/Tax Collector Jill Amery:

Wasco County certified the 2017-18 tax roll of $38,473,737.81 on October 10, 2017,

Tax statements will be mailed on October 25, 2017.

Value changes:

Real Market Value 2016-17 $ 1,652,405,846.00

2017-18 $ 1,790,242,243.00

Tax Assessed Value 2016-17 $ 1,128,442,447.00

2017-18 $ 1,179,634,596.00

Taxes Imposed 2016-17 $ 37,050,251.88

2017-18 $ 38,473,737.81

Payment in full by November 15, 2017, receives a 3% discount. If mailing it must be postmarked with 11/15/2017 date (the postmark matters). Paying 2/3 by 11/15/2017 receives a 2% discount, 1/3 payment does not receive a discount. Installment payment options are due on 11/15/2017, 2/15/2018 and 5/15/2018.

Payment options:

Wasco County Courthouse Room 208 at 511 Washington St.

Mail to US Bank Processing Center in Portland. Payment coupon on the tax statement included.

Credit card payments on line at www.co.wasco.or.us/departments/assessment_and_taxation/index/php then click on ON LINE PAYMENTS.

Credit card payments by phone; 844-435-3978.

Tax or value questions, visit our new tax information on line www.co.wasco.or.us/departments/assessment_and_taxation/index.php then click on our access to Ascend web.

The payment coupon MUST be mailed with your payment to US Bank payment processing center as it has a unique bar code for your payment.

Payments must be POSTMARKED with November 15, 2017 postmark to receive the 3% discount. Simply dropping it in a mail box may not be processed by the USPS until the following day.