Hikers activate beacon, rescued from Pacific Crest Trail

SEATTLE (AP) — Two hikers who found themselves stranded on the Pacific Crest Trail due to whiteout conditions were rescued thanks to their emergency beacon.

KOMO-TV reports that Dylan Zitawi and his hiking partner were rescued on Monday. They were 156 miles (250 kilometers) away from finishing the more than 2,600-mile (4,180-kilometer) trail when snow and rain hit them.

They dug a snow cave and used their tent to hunker down. But by Saturday morning, the weather was even worse. They then activated their emergency beacon.

Search and rescue officials said activating the beacon was the right move.

A search helicopter was launched and found the hikers. They were near Indian Pass on the Snohomish-Chelan County line.

The Snohomish County Sheriff’s Office states that both hikers were uninjured and able to walk.