Convictions of Kettle Falls 5 may soon be erased.

SPOKANE, Wash. (AP) — The convictions of some Washington residents for growing marijuana near Kettle Falls may soon be erased.

That’s after federal prosecutors say they shouldn’t have spent money on the trial of the so-called Kettle Falls Five.

The Spokesman-Review says that decision came more than two years after prosecutors convinced a federal judge they had the authority to try the medical marijuana growers.

But Assistant U.S. Attorney Earl Hicks said Wednesday that federal law has changed.

Hicks told the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals this week that its recent rulings on other medical marijuana cases have convinced him that the Spokane office didn’t have authority to spend money on the 2015 trial or on the pending appeal.

A defense attorney says he plans to file a motion to dismiss the convictions.