Aircraft interior maintenance company pays $38,000 fine

BURLINGTON, Wash. (AP) — Washington ecology officials say an aircraft interior maintenance company in Burlington will pay almost $38,000 for mishandling dangerous waste.

The fine includes a 2015 spill.

Washington Department of Ecology inspectors found 17 violations of dangerous waste regulations at VT Volant Aerosystems in 2015. They also found 12 violations, nine of them repeats from the earlier inspection, in 2017.

The 2015 inspection followed a spill of process water from a broken pipe inside the facility that contained hazardous waste. The facility cleaned up the spill.

Since the 2017 inspection, Volant has cooperated with Ecology on complying with regulations.

The penalty was originally $57,000, but the company entered into an expedited settlement agreement to reduce the penalty.

As part of the settlement, Volant waives its right to appeal.