Parents of rescued US hostage express relief

WASHINGTON (AP) — The parents of an American woman, who along with her Canadian husband and their children had been held captive by Taliban-linked extremists, say they were relieved to finally speak to their daughter after five years.

Lynda Coleman told ABC News that the opportunity to finally speak to her daughter was “incredible.”

Coleman said: “I’ve been waiting to hear that voice for so long. And then to hear her voice and have it sound exactly like the last time I talked to her.”

Caitlan Coleman’s father, Jim Coleman, said he is angry at his daughter’s husband for taking her to Afghanistan.

He said: “Taking your pregnant wife to a very dangerous place, to me, and the kind of person I am, is unconscionable.”

Jim Coleman said he didn’t understand why Joshua Boyle didn’t let his family leave Afghanistan on a U.S. military plane. He said if he saw an American aircraft, he’d be “running for it.”

Coleman, of Stewartstown, Pennsylvania, and her Canadian husband were abducted in October 2012 while on a backpacking trip that took them to Russia, Kazakhstan, Tajikistan and Kyrgyzstan, and then to Afghanistan.