Company vows to improve smell outside Oregon factory

STANFIELD, Ore. (AP) — Representatives from a company that operates a factory in Stanfield, Oregon, say they are taking steps to lessen the stench that’s plagued the town for months.

Executives from Illinois-based 3D Idapro Solutions took the blame this week, telling residents they rushed the plant back into production after a fire, and put in the wrong equipment.

The factory produces potato products for the pet food industry.

The East Oregonian reports the company has already filled pot holes on the property. That will reduce the amount of potatoes that spill from trucks and decompose on the ground.

The executives said they will soon enclose the receiving area to reduce the odor of drying potatoes. Finally, the company plans to install a new air scrubber. The old, improperly sized scrubber was damaged in February’s fire.

Residents say the smell is affecting their health and property values.