Reporter says Weinstein exposed himself to her

NEW YORK (AP) — A Los Angeles TV reporter is accusing deposed movie mogul Harvey Weinstein of exposing himself to her and masturbating in the basement of a New York restaurant.

In an appearance on NBC’s “Megyn Kelly Today,” Lauren Sivan described an encounter with Weinstein a decade ago when he introduced himself to her while she was having dinner with friends. Explaining that he was an owner of the restaurant, he invited her to tour the kitchen.

She says he took her to a deserted basement area where, after she rebuffed his attempt to kiss her, he told her to “just stand there and be quiet.”

He then exposed herself and, in Sivan’s words, “began pleasuring himself.” When he finished, he suggested they both return to the dining room.

Sivan, who now works for KTTV Fox 11, says she was “shocked,” ”tongue-tied” and felt demeaned. But the biggest surprise came the next day when she got a call at the Long Island, New York, station where she was then an anchor.

Weinstein wanted her to know he’d had a great time meeting her and hoped they could get together again.

She told him absolutely not, ending what she described as a “very short conversation.”