Washington state, Seattle sue opioid manufacturers

SEATTLE (AP) — Washington state’s attorney general and the city attorney for Seattle are filing lawsuits against the makers of opioids seeking to recoup costs incurred by government when the drugs are abused.

Attorney General Bob Ferguson and City Attorney Pete Holmes said Thursday they were suing several drug makers, including Purdue Pharma, Teva Pharmaceutical and Endo Pharmaceutical.

More than two dozen states, cities and counties have brought lawsuits against opioid manufacturers that many officials blame for a national addiction crisis.

The governments hope to recoup costs for responding to drug addiction, including money spent on emergencies and social services.

Earlier this month the city of Tacoma, Washington, sued the opioid makers, and on Tuesday a federal judge ruled that a lawsuit filed by Everett, Washington, against the maker of the pain medication OxyContin could proceed.