The Dalles to start annual fire hydrant flushing

The City of The Dalles Public Works Department will be flushing fire hydrants over the next few weeks, starting at the top of the system and working down.

Fire hydrants are flushed in order to:

∙ Clean out deposits, sediments and rust from our distribution pipelines;

∙ Help minimize water quality problems;

∙ Test fire protection water pressures;

Exercise hydrant valves; and

∙ Identify hydrants needing repair or replacement.

Motorists and pedestrians are asked to avoid driving or walking through the water coming directly from a hydrant while it is being flushed. If it is not possible to avoid the area, please proceed with caution.

Occasionally hydrant flushing causes some water discoloration or cloudy appearance within the water system. If this condition occurs, the Public Works Department recommends letting the water run for several minutes until clear. If the water does not clear, please contact the Public Works office at 296-5401, Extension 2012.

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