Team Mosier reveals Union Pacific offer

To see the offer as submitted by Union Pacific, click on the title.

Team Mosier, that consortium created last year by intergovernmental agreement to negotiate a settlement with Union Pacific following last year’s derailment oll spill and fire, has been negotiating with the railroad for nine months. Last night the group made public an offer sheet from Union Pacific. Some of the details include a $250,000 donation to the Mosier Fire District to purchase equipment, $500,000 to help fund the construciton of a future combined city hall/fire hall, $350,000 for Mosier School and $400,000 to be used at the Team Mosier discrestion, up to $350,000 for a dry hydrant and an easement to run under the railroad tracks to the water source. In addition, the railroad said it would donate several acres between Highway 30 and the railroad tracks and would build a fence between that property and the tracks. The mood was cautiously optimistic and Team Mosier agreed in general terms with the offer, subject to several clarifications before it would recommend acceptance to the fire board, school board and city council, all of whom would have to approve the deal.

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  1. Kevin Lyddon says:

    I also feel that we need some compensation due for proper cleaning the windows to our homes and our vehicles that were left behind.

  2. Kevin Lyddon says:

    I feel it appropriate to reimburse the residents for the 3 days that we could not live in our homes, nor take care of our gardens and yards.
    I feel that we are entitled to between atleast 50.00 and 100.00 each x 75 homes.

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