Search Warrants and Arrests in Goldendale

This is a Press Release from the Goldendale Police Department:

Goldendale, Washington June 9th, 2017 – The Goldendale Police Department has been busy the past week conducting three illegal narcotic search warrants and numerous arrest warrants within the city.

Two search warrants were for illegal narcotics. One was in the 400 block of West Darland Street and the other was in the 100 block of East Brooks Street. From these two search warrants, 8 people were arrested, 4500 dollars of Heroin was seized, and 800 dollars in cash was seized.

Goldendale Police also did one search warrant on a vehicle for illegal narcotics after Goldendale Police Canine “Harley” made a positive alert on the vehicle. Illegal narcotics were found inside the vehicle and charges were filed on an adult female. The vehicle was seized by the Goldendale Police Department.

The last search warrant was in the 1500 block of South Columbus for Robert Kyle Navarre with an arrest warrant. Navarre was found in the back bedroom and was taken into custody.

Goldendale Police and the Klickitat County Sheriff’s Office also arrested Devin Prouty in the 400 block of West Collins. Prouty was found hiding in the attic under insulation.

Goldendale Police also arrested John Walker on an arrest warrant in the 1100 block of West Broadway after he was seen by the officers in the backseat of a vehicle.

Quote: These search warrants are a result of the Goldendale Police Department and the Klickitat County Sheriff’s Office working together and sharing information.

Chief Reggie Bartkowski

Quote:  Drug cases and theft case are top priority of the Goldendale Police Department. Investigations are continuing and more arrest will be made.

Chief Reggie Bartkowski

At this time, no further information can be given due to the continuing active investigations.

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