Matt Richtel – Dead on Arrival

Matt Richtel’s latest technological book is set against a backdrop of civil society unraveling through partisanship, nationalism and intensifying tribalism. Joseph Finder calls Dead on Arrival a “classic” in the mold of The Stand and Michael Crichton’s Terminal Man. This high-concept books draws on Richtel’s years of science and technology reporting for the New York Times, blending science and suspense to create an entirely new, and haunting, vision of the apocalypse.

An airplane lands at a desolate airport in a remote Colorado ski town. On board is Dr. Lyle Martin, a world-class infectious disease specialist, who is brusquely awoken to shocking news: Everyone not on the plane appears to be dead. A lethal new kind of virus may have surfaced, threatening mankind’s survival, and now Martin is at the center of the investigation.

Moving at a breakneck pace from the headquarters of the Centers for Disease Control to the secret campus of Google X and the steps of the nation’s capital, Dead on Arrival establishes Richtel, a Pulitzer Prize-winning New York Times reporter, as one of the premier technological thriller writers working today, and raises a question as terrifying as this mysterious syndrome itself: Is the world better left unsaved?

About the author: Matt Richtel is a Pulitzer Prize–winning New York Times reporter and bestselling nonfiction and mystery author. He lives in San Francisco with his wife, Meredith, a neurologist, and their two children. In his spare time, he plays tennis and piano and writes (not very good) songs

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