Legislature honors first woman general in Oregon National Guard

03 07 13 first female general in Oregon honored by legislatureBrigadier General Julie A. Bentz was honored by the 77th Oregon Legislative Assembly at the State Capitol, March 6, with the adoption of House Concurrent Resolution 11. The House measure recognized her for being the first female brigadier general in the Oregon Army National Guard.

Her promotion to brigadier general in 2011 came with her assignment as the Director of Strategic Capabilities Policy on the National Security Staff in the Executive Office of the President. She is responsible for writing presidential policy, coordinating interagency dialogue, informing presidential budgetary decisions and building consensus on interagency initiatives in programs that develop United States strategic capabilities to meet 21st century requirements.

Bentz has served in a variety of active, reserve and National Guard assignments revolving around nuclear defense, homeland security, health physics, environmental sciences and traditional nuclear, biological and chemical officer assignments.

In the Oregon Army National Guard, Brig. Gen. Bentz assisted with the initial stand-up of the 102 Civil Support Team in 1999 and served as the executive officer of the unit in 2003. She also served as the operations officer for 82 Troop Command Brigade from 2003-2004.

She then went on to serve in various positions in the Pentagon, developing a national nuclear response framework and shaping the Department of Defense’s leading role in this effort. She served on the Homeland Security Council from 2004-2006 and the National Security Staff from 2009-2011, advising senior-level decision makers on nuclear defense policy.

Measure HCR 11 was carried by Rep. Cliff Bentz (R-Ontario, District 60), Brig. Gen. Bentz’s cousin. Representative Bentz read a list of her accomplishments to the assembly, including the Legion of Merit award, Oregon Stater Award and induction into the Oregon State University Academy of Distinguished Engineers.

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