Interview: Popular Energy Star®Program threatened

Weather forecasters predict an uncomfortably hot summer ahead. Keeping cool and safe will be a major challenge because of threats to several federal energy efficiency initiatives. Millions of American homes and businesses save money annually from using air conditioners and ceiling fans that waste less energy and cost less to operate, and benefit from industries that develop new technologies to reduce our utility bills. These and other appliances carry the ENERGY STAR logo.

This popular and widely successful ENERGY STAR® program is on the federal budget’s chopping block, which also includes weatherization assistance for low-income households. Energy efficiency is the cheapest, cleanest, and quickest solution to lessen mounting demands as it saves money, creates American jobs (more than 2.2 million including in your state), and increases business competitiveness. Reducing consumption and demand on the electricity grid means Americans don’t have to burn as much fuel to power homes and businesses. The advantages are especially real as power plant pollution increases severe health risks like asthma,exacerbating respiratory illness, aggravating chronic illnesses including lung cancer, COPD, and emphysema, and ultimately leading to shortened life expectancy.

To hear our interview with Noah Horwitz, Director of the Center for Energy Efficiency Standards, click on the grey podcast bar below.


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