Interview: D.J. Griffin – The Rose of Silence

The Rose of Silence cover DJ Griffin 300DJ Griffin author of The Rose of Silence 300Here’s the Amazon blurb on The Rose of Silence: Of all the places in the world, none was so strange as the kingdom made entirely of glass. When Traveler went into the glass village and met all the glass people, he was amazed. But when he learned that they had been cursed to be this way, and that they desperately wanted freedom from the scraping and jingling of the glass, he knew what he had to do. The Rose of Silence is an exciting story of adversity, danger, and victory. Does Traveler have what it takes to succeed? Can he save the people from their curse?

That said, this slender volume offers a form of a passion play in the guise of a fairy tale setting. It is an allegory or extended metaphor woven through and integral to the plot.

To hear our interview with its genial Hood River author, D.J. Griffin, click on the grey podcast bar below.

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