Google expert talks Internet safety

Ben Brown, Google technology expert

June is Internet Safety Month and Google is giving us the tips and tools we need to keep ourselves and our families safe online. We use the internet in our homes every day, but what questions should we be asking to know if our products are up to date and if our devices are secured? Let Google be your home technology guru and answer questions about protecting your Wi-Fi network, password tips – how to come up with something you remember but that is also safe, and digital discipline tips for families and kids.

As we make our way into the busiest moving season, it’s also good to keep in mind the basics of setting up your home network. From purchasing vs. renting a router and what the best option is for you, to what to do if you’re living with someone you don’t know – if you find a roommate on Craigslist, do you want to be on the same router/network? What does that mean for your information and devices?

Ben Brown has been working on consumer and home automation products for the past decade and is passionate about how the convergence of machine learning, design and ever improving hardware platforms can deliver amazing end-user experiences.

He was the one of the founders of the Google Wifi program and spearheaded much of the home platform investments for Google over the past 5 years, thinking about the emergence of voice and artificial intelligence to deliver the next generation of in-home experiences.

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